OpenID connect

Read more about the OpenID Connect specification / OAuth2 specification

Supported scopes

Identity providers

The identityproviders are mapped to the following idps (se list below) this will appeare in the identitoken and can be used in the request to preselct a idp.
To preselect idp add for example idp:NO_BANKID_MOBILE to acr_values.

Example identitytoken
                  "iss": "",
                  "aud": "js.tokenmanager",
                  "exp": 1470297715,
                  "nbf": 1470297415,
                  "nonce": "12117069867380629",
                  "iat": 1470297415,
                  "sid": "d90713d19275db83f238bb8ed4bdd6ad",
                  "sub": "9578-6000-4-48855",
                  "auth_time": 1470297412,
                  "idp": "NO_BANKID_WEB",
                  "name": "Synnevaag, Rune",
                  "given_name": "Rune",
                  "family_name": "Synnevaag",
                  "amr": [
Custom error or/and error urls

If you want to customize the return urls for abort (user aborts the identification) or error you can do this by adding aborturl:https://youraborturl or errorurl:https://yourerrorurl to the acr_values property. Read more about acr_value in the openid-connect spec:

Test client

To test you can use this client:

Norwegian BankID test credentials:

One time password: otp, password: qwer1234